Saturday, December 22, 2012


At Marathon Bloggers, we are one mad bunch. No doubts about it.

This week at the beginning, as decided we all thought we would list out our 'Bucket lists'. Call it paranoia? The Doomsday conspiracy? Or Just plain coincidence. Well Bucket List it is.

I said, I'd already done this a while maybe I should go check out what i've done and never gotten to even looking...well!!...I've spent half my morning trying to search my posts, but the post itself seems to have taken a walk into the sunset..

So I shall set out to make a new one..As we grow older we are entitled to change them, according to the needs, the demands, the technology and of course the MEMORY :P

I have never thought of it as a list to be ticked off before I die..NAH!! I don't ever think such negative stuff..its ecah day at a time please!!!
But these are a few I would love to have achieved sooner..

1.Climb the Mt Everest.

Its such a task that i've set myself out to do, that I still wonder..but i'm not giving up. The Himalayas, are my muchly loved mountains..that i've asked my ashes to be sprinkled from the top..that they happily dance down to the steep slopes. On one trip to Gangtok, my cellphone managed to wriggle away from me, and slid down to the steeps. I was happy strangely that it had got its final resting place..ya ya..I know, its weird, but I was envious too.

2. Kalaripayattu. This is one form of dance that i've always and will always want to learn. Yes, I know its an easy task. But being such a skillful procrastinator, i've never gotten around to doing it. So jump up in the air, and with flying kicks and graceful movements, Kalaripayattu it shall be..

3. Travel alone with just my girlfriends for company. This was the beginning to travelling alone. For those who do it regularly, they might never understand. But marraige tied me down, emotionally, physically and mentally. NO one restricted me, but I always made excuses. So a few months back, when a couple of my friends decided to travel without our families, I just went ahead. We were 4 of us, travelling to Bangkok, much to the amusement of the husbands, who just not fathom why 'Bangkok' But it was more about easy planning, shorter duration and most of our husbands had already visited theplace before, so we could go on without feeling guilty.. ( If such a word ever exists..sigh!!)

We had  a fun a 4 days. Of course we had those hundreds of calls, asking us for misplaced clothes, missing belts, maggie noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I have to tell you..I actually shut my mind off while I was there.

4 I want to travel, travel and travel more. I want to see places, like the south pole, I want to go Machu Pichu, I want to stand in front of the dead sea and just look. I want to go to Brazil for their Carnival. I want to trek the Amazon Rainforest and I
want to see all the continents.

5. I want to be able to say 'NO', convincingly and without leaving me in a mess of guilt and agony. I've started the process, but I havent yet mastered it. My sister can't believe I find it such a task.

6. I want to hold a party at home, where I don't cook a single dish, just order in, have a mad time, and go to sleep without, cleaning up the mess. (Yes, i'm obsessed. Even if I were nearly drunk, I clean up the place, rinse out all the glasses, stack up the crockery neatly, and keep the bottles in one place, and make the place presentable for the MAID when she comes in, in the morning. )

7. BIKINI. Its one thing to go and buy it and another to wear it. I want to step out wearing my bikini, on a beach, and have a good time, without feeling conscious about what people think about my body. So on my trip to Bangkok, I picked up not one but 3 pairs ..and now to tick off this wish soon..

8. The other day I was talking to a friend, who was telling me about a music concert, that he was attending. I love music and dance, art in any form. I would love to attend a concert, but i've most times missed going to my favourite artits performances, just because I didn't have company. This is one thing i'd like to do, Go to a concert, alone if I didnt find anyone to come along ...

9. I want to bungee jump in Australia, where you go down and dunk your head into the water. I've heard and seen such lovely visuals about that place, that i've always wanted to try. I'm scared. Let me add. I'm a very adventurous kind. I've gone mountaineering in the Himalayas, done deep see diving, swam in the Indian Ocean with no land in sight for miles around, but I feel I haven't done enough. So there..more adventure and more excitement for me.

10. I want to meet (i've met him before as a 12 year old, but Now when i'm older and know what I want) Amitabh Bachchan and give him a nice big hug. Just sit in front of him while he talks..I can die just listening to him talk.

Ok so there goes my 'Bucket List' and i'm positive i'll be scoring them off sooner.


Swathika said...

Interesting list! I can see the traveller in you...the wander lust...the heart! it's beautiful...You ll get it all done girl!

Sirisha said...

Awww Great list! Travel bug is a common bug we all want to be bitten by! I love the travelling with GFs only part!

Aaron said...

Wow u put a lot of thought into the details

Uma said...

wow..interesting! a fan of AB too?? I am a crazy face lights up like a 1000 watt bulb whenever he comes on screen..
Amen to all..go girl!

Aparna said...

What a wonderful list! I am especially envious of your bikinis ;). Looking forward to all your wishes coming true, and reading about them on your blog.

Jandy said...

Out of all your wishes, I think the toughest one is the one about saying No. I have the same problem, which is why I'm telling you that - haha. But if you do succeed, tell me how

Jandy said...

My comment disappeared?????

Cuckoo said...

We are so alike in many ways :) I traveled with a friend too last year - to Israel and Bangladesh (read about them in my blog) and it was liberating. That's exactly the word :)

As for the bikini, me too, me too. Someday.

And the drunken cleaning spates, ha ha ha, your husband and mine will have tales to swap, I tell you!

And as for meeting AB, I did not add any in my list, cos' I've already taken a pic with Arvindswamy. :) Maybe Daniel Craig one day!


Rohini said...

Ha ha. I am diametrically opposite on 3 and 6.

I want to travel alone - no husband, no kids, no girlfriends :)

And I want to host a dinner party with food exclusively cooked by me.

Prats said...

Lol!! I will so the travel alone but next Rohini. This was the first time I had ever left my family and ventured out alone. So next is alone.
And cooking for a party I've been doing the last 18 years I've been married right from scratch. So for once I want to be a le I nt do that and not stress out either cops I haven't cooked

Prats said...

I so agree. It was truly liberating traveling without family just the friends. And Amitabh is my all time favourite. I have pictures with others too but AB I need to hug him too

NPARI said...

I really liked the bucket list, especially the outing with girlfriends :-)

whoami said...

Good one. As Nike caption goes "Just do it"!

whoami said...

As Nike caption says "Just do it"!