Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weirdo Dido!!!!!

I thought I was going through a writer's power shut down. There was a blank out and I was making excuses. But looks like these events are slowly merging with madness, insanity and a feeling of despair. Am so caught up in all these things, havent had any time to look back and dissect, the phases. Sometimes, the feeling that you're sinking into nothingness, but then you are not, 'cos you are handling things well...its been well oiled the mechanism of life, your home and your environment. You've done that and not anyone else. So why is it that one should feel weighed down??

I remember reading about addiction to blogging...yes there was a time, I was...when I started anew long ago...a year ago. But then now ,I do start reading through my most read blogs...but there are times I just don't get enough time to pen down my thoughts back into those spaces, and I feel so this eerie lurker on the prowl. So wanted to stop by and let
everyone know, that please bear with me while I get back my bearings and visit your blogs in full ernest.Wanted to let you all know, that I miss that wonderful feeling one gets when the blog hopping goes on and we find each other. But also wanted to thank all of you..there have been smiles being spread around too..many of my blogger pals are here and we're going to meet up and have fun...what say??!!!

I thought if I were to do some tags that were pending I might kick myself out of this stupor. So took this one out of my closet!
Broca had tagged me a while ago...and even though I had listed out my weirdo deedos for all of you here...and whined that I had one too many then, I just listed out a few more and made myself a bit more go have fun at my expense ;)

These are the rules:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you… you see??

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged..


1. It dates back to a century ago...more like many years when we were younger and would go over to my cousins for vacations. Back then, it was a custom in their house , that their morning coffe was to be sacredly victimized by the lumpy soaked forms of some bis'kut or the other. It was all very fairytale for us. Like ,as if our parents never gave us bis'cuth to eat? :(
But here it was different.
That started one of my spooky habit. I would love to delve into the transparent tall,plastic box, and hunt for the 'Marie' biscuit. Don't know why, when the whole world and her brethren were discarding it, I would just love how that humble round thingy tasted. And there was a time when I was on a liquid diet for some illness ( can't remember what?! ) and the doctor had said that I
could start off my solid diet by eating Marie biscuits...Little did that poor man know that he was prescribing exotica for had gorged on an entire pack I remember then...the long packets with some 20 odd numbers in it. As the end of the evening my illness had relapsed and I was banned from even looking at solids..., but thats my love for it...I still love it. and enjoy it by nibbling it first around the circumference ,trying not to disturb the letters and then moving inwards..hmmmmm bliss

2. I hate mangoes! The luscious ripe, juicy varieties...yes!! I hate them . I actually get nauseus when their fragrance whifts round...I would always keep the rest of fruits away from them , for the fear of getting its smells mixed up. I still hate them, but then 'mommadom' kicked in and then I was bending backward, holding my breath, and eyes watering, while cutting, peeling
and making shakes out of them. I know its 'His' way of getting back at me..'cos when the rest of the clan said Mango is the king of fruits, I went and changed it in my own books...and replaced it with the 'Banana'. But then my kids love this fruit called Mango...and I look at it now.

3. I'm sure many of you have heard this quite often. That God is omnipresent. Then why does everyone look upward to the sky when he is playing the blame game with The One?!!!! I don't. I'm always caught talking to myself. I believe that if He is everywhere, He is next to me too...He better be?!!! And since you can't ignore someone when they are right next to you, I keep
talking, to stop him from getting bored. I keep Him well updated...

4. Thats it...I don't know anymore :D Well thats good isn't it...I don't have to drive the lot of you running for cover...

But I have one small thing to ask of all those who know me from here....

Tell me if you find anything remotely weird in me....I 'm promising you I don't have the axe next to me...No Dashavatarams....nor the psycho effect happening...just tell me na...please, please.......

Oh now i've to tag 6 bloggers....oh heck!! thats tough...seems like everyone's been at here goes...

1.Amitabh Bachchan ( yes!! I can't get enough of him....though I have never read his blogs...I stop at being weird there , but didn't want him feeling left out of this tag game, heheheh)

2. Amir Khan (I don't read this too, but have heard so much about it from the media, that I googled and got the links)

Now for some bloggers who have started dropping in, after my last few tags...lets get to see their quirks too *laughing the evil laugh*

Shruthi from High Spot! (I'm sure her kidnapping drama would have ended by now...)

Sahana (Leave the horizons and come into the evil world...)

Joy....After the choices are made, can you please take up this and let us know if eccentricities run in your blood???

Preethi..( after her India trip and Nantu'isms, i'm sure she needs a lil break)

yay!!!! I'm done...but if anyone wants to take this up, feel free...but do let me know...i'll peep in.


Rambler said...

Regarding the God thing..may be we look up because of respect...kind of giving him a high stature

rayshma said...

honestly... as yet, i haven't found anything weird about u... except maybe the blogging addiction ;). but then, that's one vice we all suffer from! :D
i could lend u a few of my quirks.. if u need to complete the 6...! :D

Prats said...

@rambler Its nice to actually know what each one thinks about that...and maybe you are rigth ...

@rayshma :D *patting herself on her back*
complete 6???? remember I just extended the previous list of seven :(

brocasarea said...

hmm...nothing weied here...i liked the first one...marie biscuits!....:)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Tags are fun as long I read others !! Lazy bones out here what else can I comment.
Ok the Yak pic is up there in my Blog..Oh my, the poor yak

Shruti said...

aiii.. u tagged me! :D
Hey, I've done this tag before! Wanna take a peek? Here it is:

And.. oh I wish I could tell u something weird in u.. but I just don't see!

Shruti said...

hehe.. even u tagged the stars :D ooohhh I feel so great.. along with Amitabh Bachhan :))

Sumana said...

You hate mangoes?? Quirky enough

ceedy said...


Well you do have a funny bone...and writers bloc...if there is such a thing...I wish it happens to reporters...would love to see a black column in the newspaper someday....

And I hope Amitabh and Aamir both take up these tags...did you leave them a note?

Nice....I love the marie bit...I do that with popcorn...eating thw white to expose to corn

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog & commenting. Did you read the second part of that story ?

Your blog is equally likable. :-)

Now that you've liked my blog, I expect to see you more often.


Preethi said...

:) I think I have done it before.. will send you the link..still am in leagues with Amitabh nd my fav Aamir.. makes me proud ;)

Joy said...

You don't like mango. Yes you are weirdo :). Just three. Wait till I open my panora box :)

Joy said...

Prats: I did a similar tag a while ago

WhatsInAName said...

You make the tag look so interesting, girl!
And you are my soul sister for sure. I love nibbling the dipped Marie too and gobble them in dozens!
As for mangoes... you are the first one who says that.... well there has to a first sometime :)

yaeecks veens is here said...


u r so cute re :)